Thor Love and Thunder Vumoo (2022)

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Name Thor: Love and Thunder
Genre Action/Adventure
Language English, Hindi
Release Date July 8, 2022
Running time 119 minutes
Directed by Taika Waititi
Country United States
Budget $250 million

Like guitar solos, superhero movies have a similar sound to guitar melodies. They can be unruly, and often go on a little too long . But when they’re done right they truly fly in the air, brimming with the kind of enthusiasm and wild abandon that makes you feel alive. Thor: Love and Thunder is Taika Waititi’s humorous sequel to Ragnarok is an energetic, glowing guitar solo that’s the ultimate celebration of colour energy emotionality, and passion. The movie even features an instrumental guitar, which opens with the Wyld Stallyns-style, shredding squealing version of the Marvel Studios fanfare.

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Thor Love and Thunder Vumoo Review (2022)

Waititi was assigned a job this time around: making Thor cool. He got rid of the fantasy jargon and stale sidekicks of the Norse Gods earlier releases and made a cosmic, campy opera filled with self-deprecating fun as well as Jeff Goldblum as the space-tyrant in an eerie gold-tief space. A lot of the raucous Ragnarok DNA is present in Love And Thunder, cranked up to a higher level: Waititi’s own rib-tickling rock-man Korg is now the narration, the Technicolor palette is revamped to subtle pastel shades and now it’s Russell Crowe’s turn loose, his Zeus a preening prat of an ancient Greek god.

But in many ways, it’s an entirely different beast. Where Ragnarok sometimes teetered towards a tone of self-satisfaction, Taika Waititi performs at his greatest when he’s truly vulnerable in a way that balances the endless stream of winking gags with explorations of loneliness, loss and inadequacy (see: Hunt For The Wilderpeople and Boy). Love And Thunder does just that. It’s an exploration of love in all formsabout its transformative as well as regenerative powers, as well as how empty life can feel without it. The film capitalizes on the events from Avengers: Endgame beautifully -with less emphasis on the battle with Thor and the Guardians (a great experience to watch but they end up disbanding in the middle) It is more about dealing with the feelings of self-hatred, sorrow and shame that Thor the God Of Thunder is wading through. Waititi states that the absence that is emptiness, the most painful thing that love can cause.

Much of love’s sting comes from the reintroduction of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. Foster who got her inspiration from Jason Aaron’s comics series not only returns but also carries Mjolnir (whose recent tricks create some pretty crap action scenes) as The Mighty Thor. The character was largely forgotten by the MCU after Thor The Dark World, Portman makes an impressive Marvel return with more to play with here than any of her appearances before. Shealso gets to be vulnerable while grappling with the biggest issues of life while playing the role of Thor without much experience of, well, being Thor.

If there’s anything that gets lost in the mix, it’s Gorr The God Butcher. The deathly deity-slayer, taken from an Aaron comics story, doesn’t appear as frightening on paper and flies around the screen with Thor and friends (Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie also comes out in a short version), though Christian Bale’s bizarre performance shows that he’s far from a Malekith character. Plus, Gorr’s connection to the Shadow Realm means he’s responsible for some of the most memorable visual moments , with all color disappears from the frame in the presence of our heroes’ power punctuating the gloom in neon bursts.

Thor: Love and Thunder is an amazing film that’s wonderful and odd in many ways. It’s a movie that dares to be totally uncool, but somehow, it’s the more cool for itextremely funny, unexpectedly sentimental, and so tonally daring that it’s a miracle it doesn’t crash. The Gorr-centric cold opening is as dark as MCU can get, but it is also an Thor romance with a love-inspiring ABBA scene, and an epic Viking longboat, which is pulled through space by a pair of enormous screaming goats (who almost steal the movie). The movie revolves around midlife crisis and feels almost like it’s live. It’s got gourmet gods, a glorious combat between a biker and a chicken along with Guns N’Roses and a perfect solo from “November Rain. The closing reel, which unveils the meaning behind the title, places our hero in a spot that’s so sweet, and so surprising, that you’ll be touched. We could sit and watch the dramatic solos of Taika Waititi’s guitar for hours. It’s an Taika waititi film.

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